IIITB for Industry and Community

Architecting Impactful Ecosystems


An initiative of IIITB & IIITB Innovation Centre, IMACX focuses on creating a sustainable Innovation & Entrepreneurial Ecosystem that works at the intersection of Technology & Society.


MINRO Center’s charter is to carry out high quality multi-disciplinary research in the area of Machine Intelligence and Robotics. 


The E-Health Research Center is an interdisciplinary Research Center that uses  Information & Communication Technologies (ICTs) to meet the healthcare needs 

Cognitive Computing CoE

Mphasis Cognitive Computing CoE Centre will focus on applied research with relevance for society and enterprises. 

Architecting Impactful Ecosystems

We believe

  • Our role is to create “Responsible Citizens of the Future” – develop the right mindset for young innovators / students to engage with the world.
  • “Technology” can positively impact our local communities & governance – reimagine ways in which social / government organizations can function effectively using technology


We focus on

  • Nurturing Social Innovators & Aspiring Entrepreneurs and helping them to be Successful
  • Creating Innovative, Socially-Relevant & Impactful Solutions & Startups

Explore IIITB Collaboration efforts!

TIDE 2.0

TIDE 2.0 program provides incubation, funding and handholding support to early-stage startups.


Digital platform that connects problem owners to problem solvers to collaborate and find solutions for challenges.


IMACX Studios is a community for innovators & entrepreneurs offering offered them a plug-n-play office place.


A collection of talks & presentations – featuring Innovators, Entrepreneurs & Thought Leaders

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